Joint cooperation between "Finoko" NBCO OJSC and "Adam-Milo" company.

"Finoko" NBCO OJSC is pleased to announce its strategic cooperation with the Israeli company "Adam-Milo", a leader in psychological assessment technology by revolutionizing the credit allocation process. This collaboration constitutes innovation in the financial market and the development of a new stage in customer-oriented decision-making.
Realizing the limitations of traditional credit allocation methods, "Finoko" NBCO OJSC wants to benefit from modern psychological tests developed by "Adam-Milo" company to obtain more complete information about the financial situations and risk profiles of clients. With this, we have adopted advanced scientific and psychological evaluation methods, and we have set ourselves the goal of studying the financial capabilities of individuals and legal entities, influencing them, and better mastering decision-making trends.
Turan Ismayilov, director of "Finoko" NBCO OJSC, stated that our cooperation with "Adam-Milo" company is a necessary step forward in our goal of improving the process of loan allocation. and we can tailor our loan offers to their specific needs and capabilities."
The integration of Adam-Milo's psychological testing platform into the credit allocation process of "Finoko" NBCO OJSC provides an opportunity to evaluate not only traditional financial indicators but also psychological factors such as resilience to risks, financial knowledge, and decision-making difficulties. By considering these multiple dimensions, we can make more informed and holistic lending decisions consistent with our commitment to responsible lending practices.
Nimrod Betzer, CEO of “Adam-Milo” stated that, "We are pleased to cooperate with "Finoko" NBCO OJSC to bring the advantages of psychological assessment technology to the fore in the field of lending." At the same time, it develops a more inclusive and supportive credit environment." The integration of psychological testing into the credit allocation process of "Finoko" NBCO OJSC emphasizes our commitment to innovation, transparency and customer satisfaction. By leveraging the latest advances in science and technology, we aim to provide our customers with a seamless and personalized banking experience, while reducing the risk of default and fraud.
About "Finoko" NBCO OJSC:
"Finoko" NBCO OJSC is one of the leading non-bank credit organizations committed to empowering individuals legal entities and enterprises through innovative credit solutions and excellent customer service. Focusing on responsible lending and technology-based solutions, "Finoko" NBCO OJSC strives to ensure that clients' financial goals and aspirations are "Quick and Accessible".
About "Adam-Milo":
Adam-Milo, a leading provider of psychological assessment technology in Israel, helps organizations make more informed decisions using scientific-psychological methods. Through advanced testing platforms and analytics, Adam-Milo enables organizations in various industries to optimize financial operations and improve customer experiences.