50,000 shares of 'Finoko' NBCO to be offered on the Baku Stock Exchange.

"AzFinance Investment Company" CJSC is the underwriter of the issue of 50,000 (fifty thousand) ordinary, registered and uncertificated new shares of the NBCO "Finoko" OJSC with a nominal value of 10 (ten) manats.

Placement of shares will be carried out in the "Baku Stock Exchange" (BFB) in the form of a subscription in the form of a public offering. Subscription starts on 13.07.2023 and will continue for 10 working days.

Within 2 (two) working days after the end of the subscription, the date of the start of placement of shares is announced and the persons who subscribed are notified about it. Placement of shares will begin on the date specified in the announcement by the Issuer and will be completed within 3 working days.

The public offering shares will be placed in the following order:
  • Placement of shares among shareholders with preferential rights during the first 2 working days;
  • Placement of shares to other investors.